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By choosing to build your new home or vacation property within Trillium Ridge you can be sure that you are building on solid land. In fact, several of the development’s stakeholders have done just this and are now permanent residents of Trillium Ridge. This makes this the perfect community for those who want to know that their property has a solid foundation built on trust and integrity.

Trillium Ridge was conceived of and created by local residents of Pinawa and the surrounding community. Its developers and stakeholders stand by their creation as long-term residents of Pinawa, ensuring that new residents can have faith in the value of their new property. After all, some of us will be your new neighbors!

Rick Backer – Primary Stakeholder

The development’s primary stakeholder, Rick Backer, has a long history as a resident of Pinawa. Raised in Pinawa and then trained at Red River College in Winnipeg, Rick returned home to build a career and raise a family and has been a staple of the community for over three decades. His background in engineering technology and construction as well as his local familiarity with the community and geography makes him uniquely suited to running a project such as this.

Rick has built five homes within Pinawa as well as two local campgrounds (one which he continues to personally own and manage). He has engineered a sewage lift station, recreation hall, public washrooms, roadways, and more. He has used this vast store of experience in the building and planning of the Trillium Ridge subdivision and has personally overseen the construction of the roadways and utilities.

Rick is a very active member of the local community and can be easily found on his property within the nearby Pioneer Bay campground or within the town itself. Rick and the rest of the Trillium Ridge development team stand by their creation and encourage you to come take a look at what just might be your new home.

Need Help With Construction?

Once you’ve fallen in love with Trillium Ridge and have made the decision to build a home here you may need assistance putting your new home together. Many options are available from ready-to-move’s, building yourself, or hiring contractors to do the work for you. Rick Backer is extremely well-connected with the local trades community and knows where to find the best value and most trusted tradespeople. Should you require any advice or assistance in building your new home, Rick is available to act as a general contractor or project guide. With his local connections and engineering experience Rick can confidently help you meet your construction goals under budget.


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