Pinawa Municipal Property Tax Incentive Program

Tax Savings

Tax Savings

Pinawa wants you! As if the natural beauty, quiet, and relaxed environment weren’t enough Pinawa’s municipal government is also sweetening the deal with a tax incentive program. Applying to both commercial and residential developments, Pinawa is offering two years of free property tax for qualifying new property developments built within the town.

All new homes built within Pinawa qualify for this program if their assessed value is over $100,000. This means that your new home in Trillium Ridge can be property-tax free for your first two years as a resident! The program also applies to commercial developments (of over $75,000 assessed value) so if you happen to be starting a new business in town you can take advantage of that as well.

For full details on this program and sign-up forms please visit the Municipal Incentives page at

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