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From new families to the newly retired, Pinawa has something to offer just about anyone. By walking you through some of Pinawa’s features and local amenities this page will serve as a brief guide for those considering selecting Pinawa for their new home or vacation destination. Don’t just take our word for it, however. Pinawa truly must be seen with your own eyes to fully appreciate its uniqueness and we highly encourage all prospective new residents to drop by for a visit. Shoot us a message on our Contact Us page to meet some of the locals and to arrange a guided tour of the town.

Please also see our sister-page for information specific to the Trillium Ridge Subdivision.

Pinawa – At a Glance

Who Will Most Appreciate Living in Pinawa?

Pinawa is a growing town with a lot to offer. While anyone looking for a small-town lifestyle will appreciate life in Pinawa, there are a few groups of people in particular who will likely get the most out of it.

Nature Lovers

Deer in Town

The deer are a regular fixture of the town

Being completely surrounded by the rocky woodlands of the Canadian Shield, nature lovers will enjoy Pinawa for the abundance of unspoiled wilderness to explore. Life in Pinawa is life with nature at your doorstep – sometimes literally, as you are as likely to see deer strolling down the quiet streets of Pinawa as you are of seeing another person. It’s not that other people aren’t outside, it’s just that the deer outnumber us! In fact, Pinawa is regarded as being the “deer capital of Manitoba,” a title that is richly deserved.

Outdoor activities abound in Pinawa, from hiking (the Trans-Canada Trail runs right through the town) to boating, cross-country skiing, ATVing, snowmobiling, and outdoor sports. There are two campgrounds located adjacent to the town and several more nearby. A 15-minute drive from town will take you to Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park a provincial park centered around a decommissioned Hydro dam – the historic site of Pinawa. The town itself is located directly adjacent to the Winnipeg River system and all river-front property is public land meant for the enjoyment of all residents. As if that isn’t enough, the entirety of the Whiteshell Provincial Park is a mere 5-minute canoe-ride across the river.

If you enjoy nature and being outdoors, you are going to love calling Pinawa home.

Young Families

Pinawa Marina

A family at the Pinawa Marina

Pinawa has so much to offer young families. Most importantly, it is an extremely safe place to raise your children. Crime is rare in and around the town and gangs are something that is only read about in the paper – a problem for big cities, not a tight-knit community like Pinawa. There is a local RCMP detachment and volunteer fire department located within the town and even a hospital with 24-hour emergency service.

There are two schools in Pinawa (a 5 to 15 minute walk from pretty much anywhere) which run from kindergarten to grade 12, meaning that your children will not have to be bussed out to another community to get their education. Better yet, the schools in Pinawa are fantastic. Pinawa’s two schools comprise their own school division – the Whiteshell School Division – and they offer a large variety of interesting courses to students which fully take advantage of the location’s unique natural features. The schools also offer a broad array of extracurricular activities both in terms of sports or academic pursuits. A student educated within Pinawa is certain to develop a useful set of skills which will ensure a bright future no matter what career path they choose to pursue as adults.

Outside of school Pinawa has even more to offer for children and young families. There is a beautiful beach located right within the town, complete with a play structure for younger children, a large outdoor pool, and a large variety of clubs and organizations geared toward young people.

Senior Citizens & Retirees

Age Friendly - Pinawa

Pinawa is an Age Friendly Community

Whether you are just about to enter your golden years or have already been enjoying retired life for some time, making the move to Pinawa is sure to be the ideal way to spend your hard-earned free time. Pinawa has a vibrant community of retirees and takes part in the unique “Age Friendly” initiative which makes the quality of life of local seniors a priority of the community and local government. A full range of senior services are provided by the Lac Du Bonnet-based Two Rivers Seniors Services which helps seniors maintain a safe, convenient, and independent lifestyle from the comfort of their own homes.

Senior-friendly recreation in Pinawa will depend on your own interests but the good news is that there are activities for just about anyone. Between the town’s many groups and associations, volunteer opportunities, and other activities you’ll have no shortage of things to do or people to connect with. Active retirees will also enjoy the age-friendly hiking trail which meanders along the shore of the Winnipeg River (right alongside the town) and the beautiful 18-hole golf course, complete with its own restaurant.

In addition to a local hospital with 24-hour emergency service, the town’s grocery store, Solo, has a full-service pharmacy on-site to meet the pharmaceutical needs of local seniors or other residents. The hospital itself boasts its own Cancer Care facility, physiotherapy department, primary care physicians, and mental health services. There is even a 3-chair dental clinic located within the town.

Church-goers will be happy to note that there are three churches located within Pinawa as well as the Pinawa Christian Fellowship, a multi-denominational service which meets within the FW Gilbert School. Between these four groups there are official services for a large number of denominations.

Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

With its large and skilled middle-class consumer-base and local incentives Pinawa is an amazing place to start a new business or relocate an existing one. Pinawa is officially “Open for Business” and our municipal government has taken this stance very seriously. First, it is tremendously easy to run a business out of your home within Pinawa – for most businesses it is just a matter of getting a business permit and abiding by the town’s bylaws regarding signage and parking. Better yet, the town has put its money where it’s mouth is and is backing up the “Open for Business” stance with a municipal property tax incentive program. Essentially, all new commercial properties built or expanded within the town (with an assessed value of over $75,000) will receive a two-year break on property taxes. A similar incentive exists for residential properties as well – click here for more details on the program as a whole.

Incentives aside, Pinawa also boasts a number of features and amenities that make it a great place to start or relocate a business. The Pinawa Community Development Corporation is a local not-for-profit corporation devoted to expanding opportunities for economic growth within Pinawa. In addition to their role in a developmental capacity, the Pinawa CDC have also founded the W. B. Lewis Business Centre – a commercial building within the town which leases affordable office-space to small businesses. While the building is near capacity at the moment, plans are being laid for phase two of the development and a new building will be opened when demand has been met.

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